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We haven't been able to identify your Track Your Impact code. If entering the 8-digit code found on your product, please ensure you have included a dash as shown on the packaging (for example: 1234-5678). If you are still having issues, please click on ‘can’t find your code’ below for more details or contact us at

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One purchase. One impact. Powerful change.

What if you could change a life with a simple purchase? Every time you buy a product carrying the Track Your Impact promise, you do just that. Each product delivers a meaningful gift to a child or family in a community overseas. Scroll down to find out how!

how totrack your impact

1. Make a purchase that changes a life.

By purchasing a product carrying the Track Your Impact promise, you make a life-changing impact in a developing community.

2. Track your impact.

Look for the Track Your impact code, or numbers on the bar code on the back of your product.

Enter that code at the top of the page to see where you are making an impact and how it makes a difference in a person’s life.

3. Build your world-changing momentum!

Your impact doesn’t stop here! Continue to make socially conscious choices and watch your world-changing momentum grow by tracking every impact you make.


Explore how the impacts you make help us change the world! Every impact supports sustainable development projects that help to break the cycle of poverty in communities overseas.

The Forces BehindTrack Your Impact

Powered by:

Me to We is an innovative social enterprise that empowers people to make better choices for a better world. Every product we sell makes a tangible, life-changing impact in a developing community overseas, from school supplies to clean water and medical care.

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Impacts implemented by:

Free The Children is an international charity that believes in a world where all children are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change.

Through our holistic and sustainable international development model we work to remove barriers to education and to empower communities overseas to break the cycle of poverty. With two decades of experience in countries around the world, we have helped to empower substantial and sustainable change for entire communities.

Learn more about Free The Children