365 Days of Impact.

By Staff

In 2017, together WE changed the world.

From the opening of new classrooms in Ecuador, to water bursting forth from boreholes in Kenya, to youth giving back to their communities through WE Schools—the list of incredible impacts go on and on.

And every impact you helped WE make tells a story of transformation that inspires, motivates and drives us to do more in 2018.

For now, here is a round-up of 12 favourite impacts from 2017—made possible through your Track Your Impact purchases.

Thank you for doing good with us.

“Wake up, teach, repeat.” | WATCH

In Kanambu, Ecuador, the safety of the kindergarten students was at risk. They would trip over the uneven floor; get colds from drafts coming through the wooden walls; and wander off when they left class to go to the bathroom. WE partnered to build the classroom environment the early learners deserve. Take a tour with teacher Carla.

“From fighting crime to fighting for education.” | WATCH

Bright, new concrete school buildings started to replace deteriorated wooden structures in Enelerai, Kenya.  The community came out to celebrate a new era of education. Leading the charge was a community icon: Cheres. Watch the former police officer leave his life of fighting crime to use his voice to encourage kids to go to class.

“I didn’t want rules. I didn’t want to listen.” | WATCH  

Living with compassion has changed Nic and Anthony. While at Christa McAuliffe School—a juvenile detention facility in Antelope Valley, California—the two were introduced to service learning through  WE Schools. From here, positive change began to ripple through their lives, as they learned about the struggles and dreams of youth like them around the globe. And then came a volunteer trip to Kenya with ME to WE. This is their story.

Be the change… one cookbook at a time.” | READ

Sophie Stevens brings us a recipe for empowerment. The Ontario teen reached out to the most inspiring women she knew to create a cookbook for change, and fundraise her way to join a ME to WE trip. She paired her enterprising spirit with her will to do good—first sparked by WE Schools. Join Sophie on her journey to change the world.

“Walk with Nepapa.” | WATCH

Nepapa Kishoiyan’s connection to the river runs deep. Every day consisted of a 5-hour hike to the water source, a journey that not only consumed time and energy, but one that resulted in jerry cans brimming with unclean water. When her community partners with WE to drill a new borehole, Nepapa does one last walk to the river. Walk with Nepapa and redefine water access.

“Clean water champion.” | WATCH

Miguel Vargas is a champion for clean water and healthcare in the community of Mondana in the Amazon. The causes are close to his heart—he lost his daughter when he couldn’t get her proper local medical care after being exposed to water parasites. Watch how his community has changed with the help of WE Charity.

“Ride along in Kenya!” | WATCH

Join the Baraka Hospital’s medical team in a ride along to provide medical care to families located across the Maasai Mara. This dedicated team ventures past farmland and over dirt roads to WE primary schools dotted throughout the region, acting as a moving medical unit. The mobile clinic makes health care—especially for mothers and children—possible.

“The first seeds.” | READ

Nutritious lunches provide the fuel necessary for kids to concentrate in class, develop their thinking skills, and grow strong in body and mind. A new school garden launched in Los Rios, Ecuador provides the nutrients students need while also teaching sustainable farming techniques.

“MVP mom.” | WATCH

Mama Rose is not your typical soccer mom. A job beading with ME to WE artisans in Kenya gave Mama Rose financial independence, and with it, time and choice. She’s spending it doing a hobby she loves—kicking a ball around—and inspiring other mamas to do the same. Watch this single mom live her dream on and off the field.

“Meet the farmers behind the bar.” | READ 

The magic of ME to WE Chocolate starts with the farmers who harvest the bean. Meet a husband and wife farming cacao on the coast of Ecuador who receive a fair wage for their work by partnering with ME to WE. The impact goes one step further, as proceeds from ME to WE Chocolate go back to the couple’s community to build new classrooms at the school their kids attend.

“Handmade meaning.” | READ

What’s a minga? The Kichwa word doesn’t have an English equivalent. A minga is a call to action, a rallying cry for neighbours to come together and do something for the good of the community. The word is so powerful, ME to WE named a bracelet after it. Learn what the Minga bracelet means to the artisans who weave them in the Amazon.

“Beading through the ages.” | READ

The impact of a Rafiki starts with the woman who makes it. Every Rafiki is handmade with love, in a tradition passed down from one generation to the next in Maasai culture. Meet a mother and daughter whose lives transformed when they started beading with ME to WE.


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