Solar potential.


In the heart of Maasai Mara, there is a small community called Mwangaza—the Swahili word for “light.” It’s a fitting name, since this constellation of rural homesteads is now home to a vibrant solar power enterprise.

Two years ago, the WE Villages team equipped a community group in Mwangaza with a small solar power system to help boost their income generation projects. The results have been electrifying.

The group immediately created Mwangaza’s first barbershop, bringing “big city” haircuts—and big business—to the community. It didn’t stop there. With the profits from the barbershop, the group opened a mobile phone charging station, and then a communal TV room. Now, neighbours can come together to catch up on the news and cheer on their favourite soccer teams, for a small fee that replenishes the micro-finance pot.

When our video team asked the entrepreneurs how they wanted to share their success story, this business-savvy group asked for a fun and creative way to promote their budding enterprise.

Presenting “Solar Power by Mwangaza,” a zany little infomercial scripted and shot with the full participation of the community group. We hope it’s as fun to watch as it was to make.

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