Student voice: girl power workshops

The following blog entries are written by students from WE’s Kisaruni Group of Schools in Kenya. Students attended workshops organized by Call It Spring, focused on the arts, leadership and skills development.

This is what the participants had to say…

Dance workshop in Kenya

Life lessons through dance.

By Agnes Rimpei

My name is Agnes Rimpei. I am in grade 10. I love writing and also dancing as a hobby.

I was so much excited when I heard that we were to have a workshop Tuesday morning with a group of dancers who were to come to our school.

Finally they arrived and we were all settled into the dining hall. Her name was Tati. She was an expert in dancing. I mean she is a great dancer and also a leader of a group of dancers. She taught us all the dancing styles that she had and finally we danced to a song.

That day was really exciting for me since dancing is my hobby. I never knew before that dancing could help you release your stress, but on that day… I knew everything.

Dancing makes me fit, relaxed and focused. It really makes me feel inspired to be a professional dancer in future.

What I learned that day was that one can express their feeling and emotions… wow!… through dancing. Tati really made my day! In the evening we all departed with smiles on our faces.

Role model working in Kenya, Kisaruni Group of Schools

What makes a role model?

By Eunice Pion

I am Eunice Pion, a grade 10 learner from Kisaruni Group of Schools, Milimani Campus. I am from a family of both parents and six siblings, two brothers and four sisters. I am the second born. I am proud of being in Kisaruni Group of Schools, Milimani Campus.

On Tuesday morning we had a workshop in Kisaruni, Milimani Campus. The workshop was about what makes A ROLE MODEL by Blair Imani.

A role model is a person you look at as a positive example. The workshop started at 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon and ended at 4:00 p.m.

We were taught about the characteristics of a good role model—that a role model should be intelligent, kind, friendly, careful, generous, and clever. The lesson was inspiring and amazing.

I also learnt many things in that lesson. The lesson enabled me to come up with the list of things that I am good at, things that I like and also things I want to learn. For example, one thing I am good at is playing soccer, [one] thing I like is writing inspiring quotes and something I want to learn is how to design.

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