Track Your Impact is a mark of authenticity; a way for you to contribute to life-altering change with your everyday choices.  Every Track Your Impact product has a code that lets you connect with real change in a WE Villages partner community overseas or in your own backyard. Use your code online to see what your impact is, where you made your impact, and see stories that show how these all these impacts are transforming lives. Track Your Impact is offered by ME to WE, part of the WE movement, that gives people tools to change the world.

Here are some examples of Track Your Impact products and the change they make:

  • Rafiki Bracelet from ME to WE = Financial literacy training for one woman
  • ME to WE Tea from David’s Tea = One month of clean water for one person
  • Select school supplies at Walgreens = Vitamins for a child

When you purchase a Track Your Impact product, you support WE in delivering sustainable changes around the world. The impact promised on the item you purchased represents the cost of delivering that impact. Money from each Track Your Impact purchase goes towards building a sustainable WE Charity project. We don’t believe in handouts or in giving something that could be taken away. For example, for a product that promises “Water for a person for one week”, the funds from your purchase may go towards the construction of a clean water well, which would support an entire community for many years. We say “clean water for one week” because the donation amount attached to that specific purchase represents the cost of delivering water for a week.

You can find products with the Track Your Impact mark of authenticity at our online store and at retailers across Canada, the USA and in the UK. WE launch new products all the time – from holiday gifts to school supplies and everyday essentials.

Have a look at a list of partners who support the Track Your Impact program, and start making even more change today! Or shop online right now with ME to WE.

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When you purchase a product with the Track Your Impact promise, you contribute to sustainable change in a WE Villages partner community or in your own back yard with WE Schools.

The WE family of organizations not only raises money for these impacts – but WE delivers the impacts too – to communities around the world and to students at home.

Even if you don’t enter your code or sign up to follow your impact, your impact will be delivered to a WE Villages partner community or a WE Schools program.  To see where we make this change happen and how your impact is making a difference, enter the code on the product you purchased or click Get a Code to learn more.

We’re not like anybody else.

We take care of your impact from start to finish.

The money to pay for the impacts is generated from sales of ME to WE and partners’ products, and the impact is delivered by WE. We make sustainable changes in communities that want them, with the support of local businesses and local staff.   We don’t build programs that schools or villages don’t need.

Giving money, or shoes, or food, or a work sheet isn’t enough.  These kinds of donations fulfill short-term needs and can build dependency on a charity. We believe that charitable programs should make a lasting impact, sustainable for generations.

WE has been delivering award-winning programming for more than 20 years.

WE collects stories from all over the world – in WE Villages, at WE Day and through our WE Schools program. We want to tell you about the exciting change people like you are creating at home and abroad.

No one who participates in a WE program has to provide a story. We ask if participants would like to share their stories.  We gain consent for image and name use.

Every purchase contributes funds to a WE program, either at home through the WE Schools program or internationally in a WE Villages partner community. People just like you buy millions of things with the Track Your Impact promise every year, and together those small purchases add up to a world of change.

Money from each TYI purchase goes towards building a sustainable WE Charity project. We don’t believe in handouts and in giving something that could be taken away. For example on a product that promises “Water for a person for one week”, the funds from your purchase may go towards the construction of a clean water well, which would support an entire community for many years. We say “clean water for one week” because the donation amount to that specific purchase represents the cost of delivering water for a week.

You can create all kinds of impacts all over the world.

Internationally, WE focuses on five areas (that we call Pillars), that create sustainable change in rural areas.  Look for the pillar most important to you on signs and packaging at stores and online!


When you choose EDUCATION, you help build schools and provide the essentials for students to learn. WE builds schools to last with members from the community using local materials. WE works with communities and government to ensure the schools are sustainable and accessible in the long-term. WE invites you to come visit our WE Villages schools in person – and help with a needed build project – on a ME to WE Volunteer Trip!


When you choose WATER, you’re helping provide access to clean water that transforms lives. In many parts of the world, young girls and women walk for hours every day to access water from local water sources that are not clean. We focus on making clean water accessible at schools and in WE Villages communities. Because water is available at school, girls are no longer required to spend much of their day collecting water and they can attend classes.  Because water is available in the community, women are able to spend their time focusing on activities other than collecting water), from starting their own businesses to attending college.


When you choose HEALTH, you provide access to health care to entire families.  You’re supporting mobile clinics that serve remote communities, and permanent health facilities to help provide long-term health care.  Because of your purchase, WE can provide tools, doctors, health education and training, and supplies that communities need to be strong and healthy.


When you choose OPPORTUNITY, you help empower women and families to break the cycle of poverty. Many women in WE Villages partner communities work together on income-generating activities (like goat rearing, or artisanal craft creation) that are partnered with financial literacy training and leadership development.  When women are empowered financially, their entire family benefits.


When you choose FOOD, you’re enabling children and families to have sustainable access to safe and nutritious food. By creating agriculture education programs, teaching sustainable farming techniques, and providing seeds, and supporting school garden programs, you’re helping to ensure that students learn about healthy food, best farming practices, and that they have access to healthy meals during their school day.  You’re not just providing one meal – but providing the skills and resources communities want to make sure everyone has access to sustainable, healthy food.

In North America, the Track Your Impact program focuses on two pillars:  Education and Opportunity.


When you choose Education at home, you’re enabling young people to be inspired learners through the WE Schools program. You’re providing access to great resources so they can learn with the most cutting edge opportunities.  You are creating sustainable initiatives that empower young people to be agents of change in their own lives and in their communities—which has an impact on them and those around them. You’re helping young people become front line heroes in their communities to tackle some of our nation’s biggest issues at a local level. Young people know best the challenges in their own schools and community, and when empowered, can make a tremendous difference.


When you choose Opportunity at Home, you’re providing young people with life skills, to ensure success in college or in securing their first job, like critical thinking, action planning and leadership and self-confidence). You’re making sure that young people have the opportunity to further their own life journey and become leaders in their own communities.  You’re enabling programs though WE Schools that build these skills in youth to help them become leaders to overcome everyday challenges – from bullying to racism, from starting a small business to establishing their own charity or social enterprise.

WE Villages impacts are focused in Ecuador and in Kenya, and the USA and Canada for WE Schools impacts.   Enter your Track Your Impact code or check out our blog, to see the projects you’re helping to deliver all over the world.

When you sign up and follow your impact, we connect you to stories in the communities where you have made an impact. We have local journalists, an award winning writing team, and community members creating videos and photo blogs from their perspective.

Yes. If your product does not have a code on the back but has a Track Your Impact logo, please enter the twelve or thirteen digit number found under the bar code on the back of your product.  You can also contact [email protected] with a description of your product and we’ll provide you with the impact you’ve made as soon as we can!

The way we see it, when you choose a Track Your Impact product, you give an amazing transformational impact that — when all the impacts are added together — benefits an entire community. Hopefully you feel amazing and inspired to keep making more change through your everyday choices!

We’ve been in the changing-the-world business for more than 20 years and we know it requires a collaborative effort. The Track Your Impact program is part of the WE family of organizations. Your impact stays in the family from purchase to delivery – our organization collect the funds and deliver the projects your impact created.  We know the change you’ve made because WE delivered that change ourselves.

Every impact is delivered by our experienced WE Villages and WE Schools teams. We employ local staff familiar with the unique needs and challenges of each community in which we work. This means that every project your impact is supporting is needed and wanted, and is part of transformational change.

Learn more about measurable changes made by WE Villages and WE Schools from  Mission Measurement, the leader in social sector data and insights.

Every Track Your Impact product delivers a specific impact, and a different dollar amount from each product is required to deliver that impact.  We work closely with our product development team and our partners to determine which impact should go with which product, in which country. Different impacts cost different amounts in different countries, and we work with our financial and WE Villages and WE Schools teams to make sure we’re delivering cost effective projects all over the world.

This flexibility in our model allows us to work with partners and products of all shapes and sizes to enable almost anything to offer an impact with purchase.

Every year we offer more products and deliver even more impacts at home and overseas! The WE family of organizations has delivered over a million impacts worldwide. We track and measure our impacts throughout the year and update our total impact number annually.

Yes! You can travel with ME to WE and visit a WE Villages partner community! You’ll have the chance to meet community members and see impacts in action. Although we can’t promise a meet and greet with the sweet potatoes you helped to plant, we are happy to provide you with the opportunity to understand the impact you have made, and more importantly – to be involved in volunteer activities that help make even more change.

Visit our trips page to get started!

WE is our philosophy, our mission and our name. It is a movement dedicated to empowering people with the tools they need to change the world. Your purchase helps WE to provide inspiration, education and tools to make a difference. Plus, we bring together a community of world-changers to amplify your action to massive impact at WE Day.

Join the WE Movement – visit and take the WE Pledge.


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