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Opportunity in WE Villages

When a woman has a voice in how her family spends money, she invests in her family—which can transform entire communities. Your impact helps empower women with the tools to earn an income and lead their families to a brighter future!

In remote communities around WE Villages, there are limited opportunities to earn an income.

  • Many families live on less than $2 a day
  • Agriculture and animal-raising is one of the primary ways people earn an income, but many men migrate to urban areas to find other job opportunities, mainly in construction
  • Providing for basics like food, school supplies and clothing is difficult for parents without a steady income
  • In most countries, women only earn 60 to 75% of what men earn, but work longer hours with less time for education and self-care


For me, coffee is more than a source of income. It means peace and shelter. It’s a life.
Carmen Chávez Coffee Farmer, Ecuador

WE Villages partners with communities to provide women with the tools and resource they need to earn an income.

Your impact goes toward:

  • Creating and running girls’ and women’s clubs that teach financial literacy, self-confidence and other skills needed to become economically independent
  • Offering leadership and financial literacy training
  • Launching income-generating activities like animal husbandry programs and artisanal crafting

Every single impact you make adds up to incredible change for generations to come – helping entire families thrive

30,000 Women

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Every purchase gives one of five life-changing impacts in a WE Villages community: education, clean water, health care, healthy food and financial opportunity.


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