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Opportunity in Kenya

When a woman has a voice in how her family spends money, she invests in her family—which can transform entire communities. Your impact helps empower women with the tools to earn an income and lead their families to a brighter future!

In rural Kenya, access to sustainable sources of income can be a major challenge, affected by many factors.

  • The country has a high unemployment rate of 40 %, and in rural area subsistence farming is often the main means families, especially women, have to earn an income
  • Due to the dry climate, earning an income can be unreliable
  • Providing for the basics, like food and clothing, is difficult for parents without a steady income; buying school supplies is out of reach


Thank you for empowering our womens group to improve life for our families and our community!
Diana Mother, Kenya

WE Villages partners with communities to provide people with the tools they need to earn an income.

Your impact goes toward:

  • Creating and running women’s, men’s and youth groups
  • Delivering workshops on financial literacy and offering leadership and business skills training
  • Helping launch income-generating activities like savings and loans circles, animal husbandry programs, beekeeping, and Maasai traditional beading

Every single impact you make adds up to incredible change for generations to come – helping entire families thrive

30,000 Women

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