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By sharing inspiring stories of giving, Glad® is working together with WE to help communities rise above poverty and create awareness for the issue of hunger across the globe. Every purchase of select Glad® products helps provide healthy meals to children in WE Villages communities.

Food in Kenya

With access to sustainable sources of nutritious food, a whole community’s health and well-being improves. Your impact helps farmers grow sustainable sources of food and lead their families to a thriving future!

Agriculture is a big part of Kenya’s economy. But food security—the availability of, and access to, an adequate amount of nutritious food—is a challenge for many rural communities.

  • Farmers are challenged by the dry climate and it’s difficult for parents to provide nutrient-rich food for their families
  • Students have a hard time focusing in class without energy provided by nutritious food
  • Traditional farming practices may not yield the best outcome with changing environmental conditions
  • Irrigation tools and systems can be challenge to access due to the costs associated

Every single impact you make adds up to incredible change for generations to come – helping entire families thrive

Now, I'm able to grow more than enough food, and I even have extra crops that I can sell at the market. Thank you for helping me feed my family!
Regina Mother, Kenya

WE Villages partners with communities to help them grow healthy food to eat and sell—enabling families to buy what they can’t grow.

Your impact goes toward:

  • Running agriculture training and seed distribution programs, helping farmers grow crops that will thrive despite the dry climate and enabling parents to provide nutrient-rich food for their families
  • Setting up school and community farms with water irrigation systems
  • Creating school lunch programs to give students the energy to focus in class
  • Working with students to create school gardens, providing them with the know-how to grow nutritious food from a young age
Healthy Food
People in Kenya

Products With Impact

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