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ME to WE and Brita have partnered to provide access to clean water to communities in Kenya that really need it.

Water in Kenya

Improving access to clean water is one of the quickest ways to lift a community out of poverty. Your impact helps create a wave of change for communities across the globe!

In Kenya, the dry climate—along with little access to water services—means more than 40% of the population doesn’t have regular access to water. In rural areas, reduced access to clean water makes so many aspects of life difficult.

  • Girls retrieve water from faraway sources, causing them to miss school
  • Without clean water for cooking and drinking families are vulnerable to waterborne illness
  • Improper latrines and sanitation at school puts children at greater risk
  • Water is crucial to income and food production: keeping farms irrigated and animals cared for
  • With limited access to water, simple household tasks like cleaning, bathing and washing school uniforms are a challenge


One of the hardest things was not knowing when we’d have clean water next. Thanks to you, I can bring clean water home to my family every day after school.
Gladys Student, Kenya

WE Villages works with communities to improve access to clean water, implementing sustainable projects that fit the unique needs of each community. We also work to help educate communities about healthy hygiene practice and how to prevent waterborne disease.

Your impact goes toward:

  • Building water systems that provide safe, clean drinking water
  • Training Water Management Committees to ensure the long-term success of community water projects
  • Building bathrooms with hand-washing stations at schools
  • Running clean water education programs

Every single impact you make adds up to incredible change for generations to come—helping entire families thrive.

Clean Water
1 Million People

Products With Impact

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