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LiveKuna and ME to WE are partnering to create a sustainable, empowered future—uniting LiveKuna’s passion for living healthy and ME to WE’s mission to make a difference locally and globally. Through ME to WE’s Track Your Impact promise, every purchase of LiveKuna’s KunaPops provides students with healthy food and supports projects like agricultural training for communities, school kitchens, and school gardens to supplement existing government lunch programs. Enter the Track Your Impact code from your KunaPops package at to learn more about where and how your purchase makes a difference in a community in Ecuador. To learn more visit

Food in Ecuador

With access to sustainable sources of nutritious food, a whole community’s health and well-being improves. Your impact helps farmers grow sustainable sources of food and lead their families to a thriving future!

Food security (the availability of, and access to, an adequate amount of nutritious food) is a challenge for communities in Ecuador’s Amazon and Chimborazo regions.

  • In Chimborazo, the harsh mountain terrain and altitude makes it difficult to grow a variety of healthy food
  • In the Amazon rainforest, long distances from cities makes it difficult for communities to access a variety of nutritious food
  • Access to food affects the health, well-being and productivity of all members of a community—impacting kids’ ability to focus in school and parents’ ability to work


Our school garden ensures our students get enough to eat. Thank you for supporting our school garden!
Alcivar Teacher, Ecuador

WE Villages partners with communities to help them grow healthy food—enabling families to make healthy meals, sell produce, and buy what they can’t grow.

Your impact goes toward:

  • Setting up school gardens
  • Building school kitchens and dining halls to provide healthy meals for students each day
  • Running agricultural training programs, designed to fit the unique needs of the regions where we work in Ecuador

Every single impact you make adds up to incredible change for generations to come – helping entire families thrive

Healthy Food
People in Ecuador

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Every purchase gives one of five life-changing impacts in a WE Villages community: education, clean water, health care, healthy food and financial opportunity.


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